What a rainy freak’n day at the market. We were actually glad when the rain started, because it finally broke through the dense humidity that was drenching the market scene. The few & true still showed up for their pint-size fix, but all-in-all it was a quiet market. These slow rainy days are great because it allows the vendors to hang out and shoot the shit with the breeze. I never grow tired of listening to ole Bev Eggleston ramble, rant & rave. I told him today that I think he is possessed by swine & is on a cult mission preaching the gospel of pork. I, for sure, am a believer. Then Mark Toigo walks up and all the talk turns to a food revolution & how we could play an instigative & active role in the whole shabang. If we could realize just half of the crazy ideas we talk about, we could have a very big impact on the local food scene. We will see where all this ramble leads to, if anywhere.
This weekend was also Violeta’s baby shower. It was so incredibly nice & makes us realize how beautiful our group of friends and family are. It all started out innocent enough, but, eventually it just turned into one delirious debacle, just like most social events do, or at least you certainly hope for them to.