US Botanic Garden

This Saturday we were invited to speak and give a gelato demo in the ONE PLANET – OURS exhibition at the US Botanic Garden. FRESHFARM Market asked us out and we had a good ole time, setting up our station and showing how we create our Peppermint Granizado gelato under their big tent right next door to the gardens. Our peppermint was grown by Cinda Sebastian at Gardeners’ Gourmet, who grows such wicked herbs for us at our store, this mint has a menthol aroma and cuts through the fat of the cream so smoothly. It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze whipping through the tent and the audience was full of hungry and curious kids. After the demo we served our peppermint gelato and answered questions for over an hour, it was a very delightful time, being around all those folks, who are involved in activities, trying to make a difference. Since joining the farmers markets, we have connected with some amazing people: talented chefs, artisan farmers and dedicated community organizers, pushing us harder and deeper down the path of making artisanal gelato, it’s such a sweet path.
On another note, we picked up our first bunch of Green Zebra tomatoes this weekend at 14 & U Farmers’ Market. They are super sweet and acidic, almost tart, we will see how they spin up.