Sweet Home Alabama

So we have returned home, back state-side. I had forgotten how vibrant, chaotic, alive, chic, delicious, crowded & late night Buenos Aires is. We were running from one side of the city to the other, all day and all night. The trip was full of family, friends, celebrations, asados, helados, parties, siestas and the like. The last night we met an amazing maestro heladero in El Tigre. He has been making helado from scratch for over 40 years and it was by far the best helado we ate anywhere in Argentina, and we practically ate helados everyday. So, now we are back with many stories to tell and full of inspiration to create. I have been playing around with a wonderful Chocolate Amargo gelato with a deep dark rich chocolate flavor from beginning to end. It almost has the texture of a chocolate cake. We also concocted a nice Tiramisu gelato. It is Vermont Butter & Cheese Mascarpone gelato with pieces of savoiardi soaked in espresso and brandy and sprinkled with dark cacao powder throughout. The strong chocolatey and nutty taste of the espresso compliments the creamy mascarpone cheese so well. We are also spinning Toscano Espresso gelato. We start with goopy chocolatey nutty shots of Toscano Espresso and mix it into the cream, milk and sugar. We are trying to push the pedal to the metal on flavors, fresh-ness, locally sourced produce, and locally sourced antibiotic and hormone free dairy. It is so important what we put into our bodies, not only for the flavor but for the quality and care that go into the ingredients. We brought back many ideas for flavor combinations, so stay tuned.

Also, the cortado pictured above sits in a vasito that dates back to the 1930’s in Buenos Aires. I picked up a couple of them at the Mercado de las Pulgas. It is an amazing flea market that has so many beautiful and old objects.

So, I leave you with an image of our trip. Friends, Dancing and Music. What else can I say. We miss you Buenos Aires. But we are also glad to be back home. Thanks for the inspire.