Splash of Spring

This post is for all you folks out there who get a little depressed in the cold winter weather and who grow anxious for the coming spring. What are we to do with no fruit to be found? other than the citrus, pears, apples and ciders. Well, we take the attitude of a bear preparing for winter and fatten up with some of the “warmer” flavors: GEORGIA BUTTER PECAN, VALRHONA CHOCOLATE AMARGO, VIRGINIA PEANUT BUTTER, COUNTER CULTURE TIRAMISU & of course, DULCE DE LECHE. We kinda like the “off-season” because we get to drop down into production and experiment with different recipes and new combinations. Although this “off-season” has been a little bit different, as we are preparing to open our 2nd store. OH MY GOD!!! Yup, our boat from Argentina arrived in the Port of Baltimore a couple of days ago, and now we are just praying that nothing broke on the long nautical journey. We will soon find out as we begin to unload into our empty space on Bethesda Row. I will try to keep you posted with the progress of the space and the possible opening date, which we estimate to be around mid-April. One thing is for sure, We is goin to THROW DOWN ROYAL with a nice big Grand Opening Party. Oh yeaaah. Stay Tuned.