Rosemary & Honey

This morning we sat down and made a fresh batch of Rosemary & Honey sorbetto. Divinely smooth and sweet with a light overtone of rosemary all the way through. A squeeze of lemon juice brings out the rosemary which rides on top of the soft honey sweetness. The marriage of different flavors is the most satisfying part, as we get to play alchemy everyday by experimenting, sampling and constantly tweaking the ingredients until we get it just right. And when we do get it just right, we dance, sing and celebrate in the kitchen and happily scribe it in our little book of recipes, which grows by the minute.

Honey Rosemary will be a featured flavor on the menu at kyma, which will be opening in Annapolis, Md this summer. Tim Elliot and Jose Picazo, who are currently the chef’s at mie n yu
will be responsible for bringing kyma to life. We will be creating many more flavors in the coming weeks and months, so keep posted as there is no end in sight, and we couldn’t be happier. Creating beautiful gelato is our passion that makes us sing all the day long. la di di…la di da…