La Marzocco GB5

A couple of weeks ago we entered our shop to find water all over the floor. Our espresso machine had broken a seal on one of the group heads. Right now we are using a loner from Ryan Jensen over at Counter Culture Coffee to get us through – thx Ryan! I am 99% sure that we will be buying a new 2 group La Marzocco GB5, I just have to convince the family, which so far, so good. Keep posted for the new machine, a new coffee menu and a new location for the espresso machine. I have wanted to get a really good espresso machine since we started serving coffee, and the GB5 is touted as the best in the market. I can’t wait to get it up and going. In the meantime, we will be pulling our shots on Ryan’s 1 group Astoria.
Violeta & I went by Big Bear Cafe today. It is located on 1st and R St NW. It is a beautiful bright space with great coffee and vibes. They are pulling CCC’s Espresso Forte. The owner, Lana pulled a wonderful deep full-body shot that was a nice earthy cup with a subtle sweet ending. It was nice to compare with Toscano Espresso, which is what we use in our shop, also from CCC. So cool that good coffee is starting to pop up and spread around DC.

So stay tuned folks for our little espresso machine drama. We hope to deliver superb espresso drinks within the next few weeks.