just chill’n

Today, Violeta & i were at the 14th & U Farmers Market as special guest. Robin Shuster invited us out for the Dog Days of Summer party going on and we were super stoked about setting up shop in our hood, we walked 5 blocks to arrive. The vibes were super cool, fresh and urban. Lots of people curious about our gelati and asking many questions. We sold out of 7 flavors in between 9am and 1pm. It was nice to see so many new people. We are now seriously considering joining this market for the rest of the year. We just want to be careful with our new projects and make sure we can manage them, but this market was really special, and like i said, this is our hood, yo! So, stay tuned, we may just set up shop again, for good?!
Tomorrow is our Dupont market, for which i think Violeta & i are going to lay low. Two girls from the shop will be running the market for us – thanks Lu and Sabri!! We haven’t had many days off in the last 4 months, so it will be nice to wake up late, “shake dreams for our hair”, take a book down to Tryst and drink good CCC coffee. Summer is always the time when the gelato-ologists go quite mad, and there jest aint no gett’n around it, it’s jest the way it is.
So, as we look out over the sleepy city night tonigt, we say goodbye, goodnight and we can’t wait to do nuthin tomorrow. Yeeee-haaawwwwwww, now.