Gelato Transcendence

Stubblefield contended that as long as methods were available that allowed people to dissolve the ego and kill time-not while away the time, not pass it, but annihilate it-they would seek out those methods regardless of the risks involved. The ecstasy of living completely in the present moment, which almost everyone experiences briefly in sexual orgasm, mystics access during deep meditation, shamans savor as a reward for their psychedelic ordeals, and some artists stumble upon gratuitously when they lose themselves in their work, that egoless euphoria was, according to Stubblefield, at the core of transcendence, the liberated state of elevated innocence for which every human animal unwittingly hungers. Transcendence was, quite literally, heaven on earth… -tom robbins, villa incognito.

hmmmm….nothing to do with gelato, but, hmmmmm….