Every morning we get up bright & early and head to our shop to begin juicing the citrus, pitting the peaches, melting the chocolate, infusing the herbs and roasting the nuts, all in the day’s prep to craft our 20 pans of gelati, which we produce everyday for that day’s consumption [minor note – we first sip exquisite shots of freshly pulled toscano espresso, not answering phones or questions until this daily ritual is complete]. Yeah we know, it’s a bit obsessive and a ton of work, but everyday our showcase freezer transforms into a work of art, which changes day to day & season to season, depending on how the gelato falls from the batch freezer, which fruits are in season or which flavors we are inspired to craft that day. Over 4 years ago we embarked on this journey, and we never imagined how inspiring gelato could be. We get to know amazing and passionate farmers, brilliantly creative chefs and we get to see our shop fill up with smiles from people showing their approval without saying a word. We make everything with our own hands and there is such an immediacy to the whole process that gives us such a deep satisfaction. All of this pushes us FURTHUR down the elusive search for perfection, knowing that once we get close, it will slowly nudge away.