Festival de la Frutilla

Frutilla, fresa, fragola, strawberry, whatever. We started our summer fruit binge this week by hitting up the fine farmers at Toigo Orchards for their foot stompin strawberries. We started the mess by spinning FRUTILLA CON MENTA (strawberry sorbetto infused with Gardener’s Gourmet spearmint) and FRUTILLA GRANIZADA (strawberry gelato, made with Lewe’s Dairy cream and dark stracciatella ladled throughout). By the way, all of our gelato now uses Lewe’s Dairy cream. I spoke with the producer / farmer during the whole selection process, and assured that their cream comes from hormone-free and anitbiotic-free cows. It is a beautiful cream.
So, from now until the strawberries stop popping up, we will be spinning several combinations of one of our preferred fruits, the local strawberry. I will give it about 5 to 6 weeks, and then we say goodbye, again, for another year. Stay tuned for FRUTILLA CON LAVANDA (strawberry sorbetto with hints of local lavender infused), FRUTILLA MENTA & LAVANDA (strawberry sorbetto with pangs of local mint and lavender), FRUTILLA CON CREMA (strawberry gelato made with Lewe’s Dairy cream, unadulterated), FRUTILLA CON TEQUILA (strawberry sorbetto with anejo), FRUTILLA CON MEZCAL (because we can) and a couple of other combinations we are dreaming up every night. Today at the market, I asked Ris Lacoste what flavor she thought would be nice with strawberries, and she responded, ‘I always loved toast, butter and strawberry jam’. It was totally unexpected and I have not stopped thinking of it since.
Stay tuned or be sorry.