Feliz Fiestas

Well, first of all, Happy Holidays from all of us at Dolcezza. We know we have been a bit lame for not posting in our blog as of late, but creativity comes in cycles, and there should be no forcing it, as least, that’s how we roll.
We decided to come up to NYC to spend a week in the city, as we had family in from Argentina and Italy and there is no better way to entertain than NYC during xmas. So, we have been on a tear, roving the city, seeing friends and eating good grub. A couple of notable places we ate at were Marlow & Sons and August. After eating at Marlow and Sons we passed by their new venture, Marlow and Daughters, which is a butcher shop run by Tom Mylan, specializing in local grass-fed beef, and all things pork. I had read some things written by Tom and wanted to meet him, and he was a very approachable and a super informed, passionate guy. We chatted for a good while about locally sourced beef, a 22,000 square-foot cheese aging cave, and the changes that are happening in the local food scene everywhere. I found the photo above on gothamist today, which was taken as i was having this conversation with Tom, i am the one on the side of the photo below 16 layers of clothes, it is cold up here!

photo credit: Katie Sokoler/Gothamist