Farmland Feast Foto

So, here is the photo that they snapped of us at the end of the feast. We showed up at 4pm and didn’t get out til after 11pm. It was a super fun and super intense experience. We had to set up 2 stations in the kitchen in order to hustle out 300 apps, 300 first course plates, 300 second course plates, 150 cheese plates and finally 300 dessert plates. There were 15 chefs total who formed the team and we all helped each other out with the plates. It was a blast and Sebastian, the wine guy from Proof kept bringing back bottle after bottle of wine and champagne, keeping all the chefs in the kitchen happy. Needless to say, by the time dessert rolled around, we were all having a grand time…it’s not too difficult to spot the “happiest” ones in the photo, the one dork and the one purdy lady dressed in black in the middle. Hopefully we will rock this event again next year, it was truly a wonderful time.