Farmer’s Market and Food & Wine

Wow!? and a little bit of wheeeww!? This has been an intense week. First, we were in this months Food & Wine magazine (Nov2007) with a nice little write-up from Amanda over at Metrocurean, and a beautiful photo from Josh Cogan, a dead-on photographer here in DC. Then, we were in our first ever farmer’s market at Penn Quarter this Thursday. There were the likes of Wolfgang Puck and Nora Pouillon browsing the market. Lots of people came out, along with lots of wind. We borrowed bags and buckets of stones to keep the tent from blowing away like a little kite. The market was one of the most amazing experiences we have had since opening our doors 3 years ago. Just to be around these folks, the farmers, the organizers, the chefs and people who give a hoot about where their food comes from (by the way, in this months Harper’s magazine, it reads, ‘a leading health expert has stated that humans are not fit for human consumption’ – just something to think about). We were excited, nervous, honored and in denial that we were actually there, alongside these farmers, from whom we have been buying our produce and dairy from for the last 3 years. It is nothing more than art to be able to interpret these beautiful and fresh ingredients, trying to capture their muse and subtleties. We will be at the Penn Quarter Farmer’s Market every Thursday until November 15, which is the date the market closes for the winter. We will be spinnng about 6 to 10 flavors, in pint and half-pint sizes. This Thursday we will be making our first small batch of pumpkin gelato, compliments of the fine folks at Toigo Orchards, who hooked us up with an enormous crate of big, small, twisted and bizarre pumpkins and squashes. We’re going to bake them sweet and blend together fresh ginger root, ceylon cinnamon, fresh ground nutmeg, a touch of clove, brown sugar and a bit of Lewe’s Dairy cream, just enough to add a little body.
To add to the week, Counter Culture Coffee just installed our new 2 group La Marzocco GB5 espresso machine. To the non-geek, that translates to the creamiest bit of espresso and the finest frothed milk in the immediate area.
So see you, or be square, we will be there.