espresso & graffiti

Well, we have officially ended the “high season” over here at Dolcezza, which means the nights get cooler, the days shorter and our little gelateria becomes a tad bit lonelier. In one way it’s nice to be in such a seasonal business, because we get to calm down and organize a bit after very intense summer periods, on the other hand, it kinda sucks, because the store gets slow, the money gets pinched and we get a little lonely over here in our store(s). It’s also a bit of ashame for the clients who don’t eat gelato year-round, like our crazy selves, because of all the beautiful fall/winter flavors they miss out on, like the blood oranges, meyer lemons, crook neck pumpkins, pears, ciders, chestnuts, oh I could go on forever.
Another good thing about the cold weather is what it does to our morning coffee experience. It almost takes on a spiritual dimension and warms the soul deeply.
I was out and about the other day and came across these murals, compliments of Shepard Fairey, aka OBEY. I think he was here wheat pasting his Obama posters and he so graciously decorated us with some other nice work.
So, don’t be a bore during the cold, come on over and and warm up with a carefully crafted espresso & a nice creamy gelato.