Dupont Farmers’ Market

Dupont Circle Farmers’ Market stretches itself out every Sunday from 9 in the morning til 1 in the afternoon. It is one of the most vibrant farmers’ markets on the entire East Coast. Roughly 3 to 4,000 people stroll through during the ultra-fast 4 hours. Today was an exceptional day, full of people, sunshine and the breeze. We layed out an array of 15 flavors of gelati & sorbetti. One in particular, Green Zebra Tomato Habanero is almost a savory sorbetto, and pairs beautifully with a tuna tartar. We drank our share of chocolate milk, chatted with the fab cheese maker, made out with the Freestone peaches, swiped some rock’n crab cakes and had a good ole time. No place within or around DC can match this vibe, as the farmers’ swoop down and save the day by throwing a little dirt on the scene.
This past Friday, we drove up to York, PA and picked up our weekly supply of cream, whole milk, non-fat milk, butter and chocolate milk from the brothers at Perrydell Farm Dairy. Their cows are treated like cows and their dairy is super clean, rich and fresh. Wanna know how fresh? Well, as we drove the 2 hours to the farm on Friday, they were milking the cows and bottling the milk. Any fresher, we are gonna have to get ourselves a cow, don’t think so. All dairy in our store comes from the Perry’s farm, the milk in the cappuccino’s, the butter in the churro’s and the cream in the gelati. Pardon our French, but there ain’t no better way of doing things. Once you partake of food from the local scene, you can’t go back, and if you do go back, you suffer like a dog. It’s like sitting in First Class and then going back to Economy. It sucks! So, come out and support your local farmers’ and producers’, they deserve it and so do you.