Our beautiful new name and logo and how they came into being. Last year for the holidays, Violeta and I travelled to Torino, Italy to be with Violeta’s dad, Luis and his wife, Daniela. Daniela is from Torino and they have a beautiful little apartment right there in the city. We spent an amazing 5 days with the family eating good cheese, drinking amazing wine and hitting up all the gelaterias we could find. We have to do our research, you know.
For sometime leading up to the trip we had been talking about changing our name, Isee Icy – fresh ice creams. It just didn’t feel right and nowhere did it say ‘argentine gelato’. So, I had a mission during our European vacation and that was to sit with Luis and come up with a name that better fits who we are. The day after Christmas, we took a train from Torino to Paris to pass the New Year there, and thus the process began as Luis scribbled away a full page of potential names for the shop. They included ‘Dulce Violeta’, ‘Sapori’, ‘Dolcissimo’, ‘Dolcezza’ etc… It didn’t take long for us to decide on the right one – Dolcezza, which means sweetness in Italian. We knew the name encompassed what we do. We create sweetness. Sweet!
Now, the next phase. Designing a logo. Again, we went to our designer in Buenos Aires. Carlos Porley is his name. After an intense free-wheeling session of logo creation, he sent us 12 very different logos for Dolcezza. We narrowed it down to 3 and then slept on it. The next day, we all agreed on the logo and waa-laa…Dolcezza was born.
We are very happy with our name change and new logo. We think it better represents our gelato and who we are. Dolcezza is italian, as is the origin of argentine gelato. Our shop now says ‘argentine gelato’ on the outside and finally the simple, elegant design just feels right, which I guess in the end is the most important thing. It’s gotta feel right and it does.