dem der Peaches

What can I say, I am from Gawga, Altanta, Gawga that is. & so when July rolls around I start roaming the local Farmers Market and looking, squeezing and sampling the peaches. I started a couple of weeks ago and am glad to report that I have found some wonderfully juicy, aromatic, sweet, fuzzy and down right delicious specimens. So far we are getting all our stone fruits from the folks at Toigo Orchards, Mark Toigo is who I talk with the most and he is a pretty cool cat and a very knowledgeable farmer. Did you know that to check for the ripeness of a peach, you should squeeze from the top-center, right around the stem area, to see if there is a decent amount of give, and if so, she is ready to go. I always thought it was the entire peach. So, I am learning a lot from the farmers this year, and not only learning but really getting to know them and their goods. So, now that the stone fruit season is officially here, we will be spinning up batch after batch of Peach, Peach with Ginger, White Peach, White Peach Prosecco, Donut Peach, Nectarine, White Nectarine, Apricot and a swarth of Plum varieties. Be seeing you around.