the calm before the storm

But it’s going to be a really, really beautiful storm. And a delicious one, too. Our factory opens on Friday, March 21 but I’d like to tell all you lovely readers how I became part of that greater “We.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.43.31 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.43.08 AM

My dolcezza story was born purely of coincidence. I visited a press preview night back in december to take photos of the space and to write about how this beautiful building came to be. A fellow writer was losing her mind over how good the Valrhona Chocolate Amargo Gelato tasted right out of the machine. She turned to Robb and said, “This is so good, I want to punch you in the mouth.”

I learned a few things after that– first: that being proud of quotes like that is a totally dolcezza thing to do (and if you use it in your article, you just might become the new media and events coordinator). Second: I still feel that way every single time I have our gelato fresh out of the machine. To my knowledge, no one has punched Robb in the mouth yet, but I completely get it– it’s a completely different experience than digging out whatever’s left of the pint you bought from the grocery store, and even completely different from having it scooped from the gallons in any of our other locations. Every time I have a bite, I know that I’m working with and for something that’s made with the utmost care, with ingredients that are actually supposed to be growing at this time of year. And in case we’re ever unsure, we just keep testing, and taste testing.

In short, we’re really looking forward to seeing you this weekend. If you have ideas for events you want to host with us, email me or find the woman with the crazy curly hair.

But yeah, please don’t punch Robb.