Blooming Buzzing Confusion

It always happens, somehow it always comes around. Fall. We say good-bye to a spectacular summer! The fruit was juicy, sweet, acidic, tart…superb. To name a few things we pulled off over at the ole shop @ 1560. We spun Virginia blueberries with local lemon verbena, lemon [keswick creamery] ricotta & cardamom, chocolate with roasted & salted Virginia peanuts, avocado [toigo orchard] raw honey & orange, Pennslyvannia cantaloupe spiked with Pernod, mojito with [gardeners gourmet] peppermint and of course, chocolate with [truck patch] maple glazed bacon, yup, that’s right, we had to do it, we had to be cool. So, now as we slowly drift into fall, we replace the bright sunny acidic fruits with the earthen warm fall bounty: bosc pear, apple cider, quince, acorn squash, hubbard & crook neck pumpkins and all the like. It surely aint no time to cry, just to say good-bye.
We are about to go away for a little while. Head to the coast and soak our minds for a couple of weeks. This inevitably happens to us every summer, we begin to burn out and the only solution is to pull out completely, and not think about running a store for a little while.
We have a lot of cool events lined up this fall when we return. We go to Atlantic Antic with the crew from Westend bistro and Bev Eggleston from Eco-Friendly Foods. We will be making pork burgers, chicharron, pickles and gelato. They say over a million people show up between 10am & 6pm.
We will be participating in the FRESHFARM FARMLAND FEAST in November at the Ritz Carlton. There is an amazing line up of chefs and we are paired with Kate from Willow and will be doing a very special dessert.
Finally in February, we will be on a panel at PASA, speaking about the multitudes of positives from working with local farmers and using their ingredients in our gelati. It is the largest conference of its kind on the east coast.
So, lots happening over here. We are just trying to come down from the blooming buzzing confusion of summer season. It was most insane!