Bethesda Row

Well, it has begun. The beginning of no sleep, early mornings, multiple espressos and building our beautiful second store. Our boat with our crate arrived from Argentina about 1 week ago to the Port of Baltimore. We met at the space @ 8am on Tuesday and unloaded everything from a truck into our store. It took 7 people about 6 hours. Today, we un-boxed and un-crated everything for another 4 hours. Everything but the legs of an outdoor bench made the trip safely, which is such a relief. We have had a couple of sleep-ness nights thinking about breakage.
Our store is going to be a really special space. We have brought up chocolate woods floors, a 36 foot marble bar that will wrap most of the store, we have 5 antique frames with mirrors, a beautiful old chandelier and an old porcelain sink. Our ceilings are over 14 feet and we have massive windows that let in bookoos of light. I am going to try and photo journal the progress through the various stages of this project, as we crawl from the dust filled cavern that we have right now, all the way up to our GRAND OPENING THROWDOWN. It is a couple of months away and we IS getting MIGHTY anxious. So, let’s see how this photo journaling goes. Journaling the process of los Dolcezzitos slowly going mad and falling down the rabbit hole. Let’s see what happens?!