So, I get up at 5:00am because i can’t stop repeating this week’s farmers’ market menu like a mantra so i wouldn’t forget. After lying there for 15 minutes, i decide to get up and write it down, so it would be guaranteed that i wouldn’t forget. So, i come to this public stage, not the private confines of MS Word to scribe my menu for this coming weeks farmers’ markets, both Penn Quarter and Dupont Circle. Here it goes…ahem…

1. Sicilian Blood Orange
2. Meyer Lemon Vodka
3. Pineapple Honey Lime
4. Mango Habanero Lime
5. Avocado Honey Orange
6. Caipirinha
7. Valrhona Chocolate Amargo
8. Pistacchio di Bronte
9. Nocciola del Piemonte
10. Espresso Toscano
11. Ginger Cardamom Pistacchio
12. Thai Coconut Milk

So, there, it is written, transduced into word. & now, as i sit here knowing that i will carry a certain exhaustion this day, at least, i also carry the satisfaction of getting this out, no more menu ricocheting in my mind. On Wednesday, this menu will be executed with the utmost care and the fullest obsession. Hope to see you at one of the two markets. Good day.