Folks, the fact that the frequency of blogging has declined is a direct result of the madness that ensues for every gelato crafter around this time of year. So, with few words i lay down our farmers’ market menu, where you can find us now in 5 farmers’ markets. We are as busy as bumblebees in spring and loving every second of it. Tis the season.

1. Sicilian Blood Orange
2. Avocado Honey Orange
3. Strawberry PERNOD
4. Mojito
5. Champagne Mango
6. Pineapple Honey Lime
7. Valrhona Chocolate Amargo
8. Pistacchio di Bronte
9. Thai Coconut Milk
10. Meyer Lemon Mascarpone
11. Lemon Ricotta Cardamom
12. Mexican Coffee