Every time we go to New York it seems I write a post about that city. No matter how many times we go and no matter how frequently we return, New York always surprises and excites me, I see New York as an independently functioning, alive, evolving organism, moving & groping with it’s own momentum, restaurants opening, restaurants closing, barrios happening, people never sleeping, trash collecting, water flowing, traffic jamming, all pulsing along to her own song, a very strong and unique song, that is for sure.
This time we were in NYC for a wedding of dear friends and it was something out of a movie. The wedding was held at Ten Ton Studios in the old Brooklyn Naval Yards. Rob, who owns and runs the studio, is a National Geographic photographer and a good friend of the groom. The place was unbelievable. inspirational. mind-blowing. I imagined how it might be for an artist, living amongst other artists, to live in this minimalistic and industrial world, creating art, experimenting, pushing yourself to the creative limits, and then going farther. I mean you couldn’t help but extrude art and expression. Surround yourself with creative and inspiring types & settings and it’s inevitable to push you deep into many creative crevices, nooks and crannys. These are the fantasy worlds that I try and make come true. It’s what it’s all about isn’t it, making your dreams into reality, make believe.
So, the ceremony was absolutely beautiful, the bride and groom very happy, the crowd plenty a drunk and Violeta and I danced more than we had in a long, long time. Thank you New York. Thank you Natalia. Thank you Aram. Thank you friends.