Can you fucking believe it! Twenty or Thirty something odd inches of snow. Even though it kills, crushes & extinguishes our sales of gelati, not to mention we didn’t even open our shop this past weekend, I still love snow as much as I did back yonder in the wonder-filled days of being a child, especially now that I have a child of my own and I get to watch her as the snow falls and blankets everything with her whiteness. It slows and silences everything, transforming our streets and neighborhood and city into a winter wonderland. We get to take a break from our worker bee mentality and just go with the flow from apartment to cafe to apartment, cook some good food, watch movies and take pema out on walks. Aint nothing like it if you ask me. So, I hope all you folks got to enjoy the snow & the silence as much as we did. I still don’t know how the hell we are going to dig out our little Volkswagen bug, then again, I don’t really care. Tomorrow we return to the shop, and get to start the day with a beautifully crafted and balanced shot of espresso black cat, roasted by intelligentsia, I can’t wait, as we go from playing in the snow to sipping espresso to juicing sweet blood oranges and finally spinning her up in one of the finest sorbetti of the year, still can’t get over this citrus fruit, she blows my mind with each and every batch.