Over the winter, Violeta, Pema & I took a long overdue and much needed break from the shop. We went to Buenos Aires for 1 month and to Punta Bellena, Uruguay for 1 month. Luckily it was over the winter, so the shop was much quieter and we had 3 rock stars taking care of the show, Paloma, Bethany & Dimas. They did an amazing job of handling all operations while we were away. Needless to say our trip was amazing, alucinante, transforming, quieting, resting, flowing, tripping, sleeping, swimming, eating & drinking. We were able to rest so much and get back to just going with the flow. It had been awhile & was so refreshing. There were lots of fires, heat, friends, meat, coals, beers, family, conversations, revelations, good food, bad coffee, bad food, worse coffee, beautiful beaches, jelly fish, long drives, hill sides, buses, plains, taxis, pizza, carne, helado, grills, asados, barbecues, parillas, chivitos, el cuartito, cats, babies, dogs, bites, fights, make-ups, joys, good vibes, latino air, long hair, swag, seeds, beads & friends like hermanos, bands, music, jumping, jack, pema, amep, long winded conversations, spanish speaking, english forgetting, healing, enlightening, yoga-ing, breathing, forgetting & remembering.

i guess that about sums it up, pretty much. now we is freaking ready for the sun to stay out and for the warmth to bring out the masses. we are ready to dazzle, dizzle & get down. be seeing you all at the shops & farmers’ markets. tis the season.